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About Us

Founded by Tarot Therapy creator Princess India "The Woke Therapist" Peaux, to inspire and empower intuitive intellectuals & spiritually ambitious bad-asses like YOU to grow into stronger, more confident individuals while curating a life you love with the Soul Tribe you've been searching for!  

Why You Should Join Us

If you're looking for your Soul Tribe or new ways to grow on a daily basis you're in the right place

Gain exclusive access to:

  • Unlimited access to my extended Tarot Therapy: Soul Sessions & Cross Watcher Only Videos (with Couture Soul Level)
  • Explore The Woke Therapist's library of spiritual tools & self-help resources
  • Join exclusive member-only Tribe Circles & LIVE Q&A discussions with Woke Tribe leaders & Founder Princess India
  • Begin a spiritual practice with exclusive access to LIVE monthly events like Yoga, Reiki Shares, Moon Rituals, and more.
  • Member-Only Social events (Game nights, Movie Nights, & Open Mic Nights)
  • Connect with other members through common interests, professions, goals, topics, and our member-only chatroom
  • Discounts on Tarot Therapy & The Woke Therapist’s products, services, and merchandise 
  • Be the first to access Wokebook mastermind groups & events

A Big Thanks

To my staff, clients, mentees, Patreons, and subscription members because of you guy's donations and unwavering support our community is newly upgraded, more user-friendly, and more accessible to a wider audience. This network wouldn't be possible without you! 

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